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“Pro-Fection have a long-history of providing Project Management & Project Controls for us.    The growth that has been evident in our project teams with great improvements in both project delivery and project behaviours. ”                                                                           .Medhat Al Tasker, Learning & Development Director
“Being coached by Jacqui allowed me to identify the main obstacle for me —which was overcoming my own constant mind chaos of all these internal ideas .  So many ideas of who I’m supposed to be, how I’m supposed to behave, how I’m supposed to look, how I’m supposed to present information in order for me to be considered credible, or someone who can add value to the projects I’m involved in.”                                                                                                                                     – Julie Paterson, Project Manager

We are Pro-FectionAcademy

We are delighted to serve you through our new Digital Presence!
At Pro-Fection Academy, we have a long history of providing a relationship-building professional service to our many clients.   Our main area of expertise is in project management, and we have spent the last 3 years focussing on project performance management.  We are equipped with very experienced project professionals and sought after coaches and facilitators who become focal points for our clients.  Those focal points develop the ability to know and recognise the areas of strength for both industry and client, and design the perfect solution.
Working tirelessly with the gaps where our clients are unable to resource skills internally to supporting our clients build on existing capabilities through leadership & performance coaching on 1-2-1 & team basis. With over 20 years of experience and successful track record of complex, high profile project recoveries, and a genuine passion for projects, performance enhancement and delivery for our clients and their customers, we strive to exceed expectations as we provide ‘tailored’ professional capability required to address critical short-term needs or long-term growth.
We believe project management is a  very noble profession. Something that shapes character, and caliber of an individual. Of all the professions at large, one of the hardest is working in a complex project environment.
Pro-Fection Academy is renowned for introducing delegates to both the technical and behavioural process of facilitating and delivering on projects through interactive and immersive activities.   This way, delegates get the opportunity to enhance their acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and developing habits.   Although we have a background of face-to-face development, digital education, when designed well, works in a formal or non-formal environment.
  • Igniting your imagination in a variety of project modes
  • Expanding your technical knowledge 
  • Developing project behaviours making you skilled at communicating with others
  • Investing in your ability to share technical information with others
  • Experienced Coaches providing group and 1-1 coaching
  • Experienced project professionals providing group and 1-1 mentoring

Enhance Your Knowledge

We will help you, DO more and BE more!

We focus on finding out about our learners as they embark on their learning journeys with us.   
This way, we ensure all learning style desires are met when we deliver our training and coaching. 
  We do this because we care, because, we know, mistakes are meant for learning, not repeating!

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Our Most Popular Options

Benefits for All Delegates
Learn how to be the Best Team member (whatever level you're at)

Project Behavioural Skills

We are renowned for making differences in project performance.  We specialise with technical professionals, who may excel in technical areas, but the mindset is not the one required for project success.  We work with you to recognise your own strengths and weaknesses, we examine who you need to communicate with, and we work with you to learn which areas to adapt and which should remain.


Gain Knowledge in The Key Tools Required to Delivery Projects Successfully

Project Management Services

Gain a level of competency that will surprise you in a number of areas within projects and project management.    We deliver learning journeys and classes in Project Performance Management as well as Project Leadership and Project Team Building.                                                                                             

We work with clients in specific areas if they require Interim Project Management Support and we can also carry out Project Performance Analysis and Project Recovery consultancy services

Recognise who Stakeholders are, What they Need and How to Get it For Them!

Stakeholder Communications

Stakeholder engagement involves building and maintaining relationships. It also involves preserving active support and commitment of many to the implementation of change, through programme or project delivery.

By understanding a stakeholder’s motives and expectations it becomes possible to influence the change process positively and to address issues that may be potential barriers to change.

Designed for those with a strong desire to achieve high-levels of performance

1-2-1 / Group Coaches & Mentors

We provide tailored coaching packages using Clarity4D as our Psychometric Profile Tool of choice as it works extremely well in groups and projects.                                                             .

Many think that Coaching is only for high achievers , but we believe it should also be available for those who have the desire to gain Clarity, Competence and Confidence in their project environment.  We work collectively together to release any areas of anxiety or hang-ups to help all coachees achieve their full potential and become Top High Performers in the Project World.

Your Best Future In Projects

Ignite your vision with us; Become the best version of you!

Enroll in a Course or a Learning Journey

Demonstrate your skills!
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The Proof of the pudding...

The reward of self-investment

We are excited to work with you – Whoever you are! 

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The Best Is Yet To Come!

VIP programmes offer efficiency & growth

Enroll in a course and demonstrate your skills!

Development is the process where a particular organism, not only grows physically but acquires mental and physiological growth as well.                           .How Much Will You Grow with Us? 

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Invest to Impress...

Do you Have Behaviours You Wish to Change?

.                   Is the Project Really Going Well?   Don’t Keep Your Head In The Sand!                   .  We will work with you to help you become more aware, more prepared so that you can’t help but impress the Client – although your boss may be the one with their Head in the Sand! 

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